Trujillo is a new cruise port in the Caribbean

Fun things to do in Trujillo, Honduras - Sandra ScottThere is a new cruise stop in the Caribbean – Trujillo, Honduras. It is an interesting place. It is where Christopher Columbus first stepped foot on the mainland of the Americas and where O. Henry hid out while a fugitive from justice. His book, “Cabbages and Kings,” describes Trujillo in the late 1800s and it has not changed all the much since the book was published in 1904. One of the lesser known Trujillo personalities is William Walker, an American who between 1853 and 1860 made several attempts to take over territories in Mexico and Central America. For a short time he was the self-proclaimed president of The Republic of Sonora in Mexico. Next he invaded Nicaragua and captured the city of Granada, where he named himself president of Nicaragua in 1856. He was run out by Costa Rican forces in 1857. In 1860 he was arrested by the British in Honduras and turned over to Honduran authorities, who tried, convicted and executed him. The spot where he was executed and this burial site are tourist attractions.

There is more than history to experience. Banana Coast Tours offers Fun! Fun! Fun! It is an ATV jungle adventure. The off-road adventure takes you through the magnificent cloud forest on a single-person ATV over jungle paths. Or, go on a horseback riding on the sandy beaches along the crystalline waters of the Caribbean and visit the lush botanical gardens at Campo del Mar. Kayaking is perfect for the nature-lover. Paddle through Guaimoreto Lagoon and experience the wetland rich in birdlife, flowers, and Central America animals. Another incredible option is a starfish snorkel. A favorite is a short hike up the Rio Grande River to a private swimming hole and return for a lunch prepared Garifuna-style. Visitors will want to return to Honduras do the things that didn’t fit in their short shore time.

Come along with us and visit the many attractions Trujillo has to offer.  We will make your day a memorable one!

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