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You made dreams come true for us.

Hello Alina,

bct-testimonial-1Wanted you and your owners to know how much we enjoyed our trip and tour of Trujillo. We have been back a few weeks but have not forgotten the Awesome time you folks provided for us disabled seniors. You made dreams come true for us.

NCL- Jewel would not provide transportation for us on any of their tours. Except shopping and a few minor things like that. So we opted for you folks and we are glad we did.

Ricardo was so attentive to our needs and a careful driver and of course Andre was just outstanding and very knowledgeable and helpful. Always took time to explain to our blind friend what we were seeing. We hope the following review and pictures are helpful to your business and your owners. We thought they were very kind to come and greet and look out for us all.

Your hospitality is bar none Awesome!

Thank You!
Paul, Retha, Carol and Harold = Port Orchard and Gig Harbor, Washington

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Well done Banana Coast Tours!

Dear Banana Coast Tours,

Historical Trujillo by TramI recently visited the quaint town of Trujillo and went on three excursions with Banana Coast Tours.  I had an amazing time and just wanted share my experience with you.

The first excursion I did was the Historical Tour of Trujillo by Tram which started at the Banana Coast Cruise terminal.  Our tour guide, Mr. John Thompson (a.k.a. “English John”) was truly impressive with his depth of knowledge of the history of Trujillo dating all the way back to Christopher Columbus.  Seeing the old diplomatic embassies, Santa Barbara Fort and the gravesite of Pirate William Walker was a treat.

The second excursion was the Starfish Snorkeling Adventure in Starfish Bay.  As our boat took us across the bay, our two guides Jackie and Charlie kept us engaged by telling us information from the ecological bio-diversity of fish and coral to the historic battles that took place in the Bay.  English John who also accompanied us, expanded the history lesson by telling us of the thirteen sunken galleons in the sea…some with millions of dollars worth of treasure!Starfish Snorkel & Beach Break

Our guides were full of information telling us where some of the best diving and snorkeling locations are in the bay.  When we arrived I was amazed at how many starfish could be seen right from the boat.  Once geared up and in the water, Charlie showed us how to pick up the starfish and place them back.  Like typical tourists we were in awe with the starfish and taking many pictures and video.

From the boat, Dean pointed out the area where there was the hull of a sunken ship.  This was a once in a lifetime experience as I saw firsthand so many species of fish swimming in small and large schools around this sunken hull.  Vibrant colours and stripes seemed to be the theme of the fish that day.  I felt like I was on a TV show in the Discovery Channel.

Campo del Mar Nature Park - Half DayAfter the snorkelling adventure, we ended off at the Campo Del Mar Nature Park where we saw the Exotic monkeys and birds…truly impressive.  The traditional seafood lunch and ice cold pina coladas were a great way to the end the adventures of the day.

Well done Banana Coast Tours!  I look forward to my next visit to Trujillo.

M. Zachariah