More Tours, More Laughter = Tons O’ Fun!

tours in trujilloThere are many tours with Banana Coast Tours in Trujillo. Everything to satisfy all interests. From history tours, adventure tours, horseback riding tours and nature walks through one of the most gorgeous parks in the area – Campo Del Mar Nature Park…but we are expanding that itinerary!

Banana Coast Tours is expanding their available tours to include the:

  • ATV Jungle Tour
  • Added to the Campo Del Mar Beach Break is the ATV Challenge Course!
  • Guaimoreto Lagoon Kayaking Tour
  • Horseback Adventure & Nature Park
  • Rio Grande Cascades & Swimming

There is so much to do while in Trujillo; Whether you like history, spending time with nature or for the more adventurous types – having fun ATV’ing!

Watch for additional tours being added to the itinerary – coming soon!


Taste of Trujillo ~ Join us for a journey showcasing Trujillo’s food, culture, and historic past on this guided tour. An educational, yet deliciously satisfying, sensation you and your taste buds won’t want to miss.


Mahaguay River Tube ~ Sit back and relax as you float and swirl your way down the river as the lovely scenery glides by. The ride down the river shows you the beauty of the land as you float along the river banks filled with indigenous flora and fauna.


Guaimoreto Lagoon Exploration ~ This beautiful sanctuary is surrounded by a complex system of waterways and wetlands. On this tour you’ll go through small cays as your guide explains the importance of the many migratory and indigenous birds that inhabit the mangroves.


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  1. “Outstanding Tour/service to the disabled”
    If you are disabled and want to see a third world country like, Trujillo, Honduras, then Banana Coast tours can’t be beat. If you are disabled in any way you know how difficult it is to get on the most popular tours. For instance we were on the NCL- Jewel. Fantastic crew, service and fun beyond words. But, out of 89 excursions at their 3 ports of call, only 4 would accommodate disabilities – and those were just shopping! That’s all they had for us. No Mayan ruins, city or site tours etc. So we went to private tour/guide services. Oh man! When we got to Trujillo, the Banana Coast Tours people were outstanding. We are two couples in our 70’s, both celebrating our 50th wedding anniversaries. My wife is not able to walk very far and therefore uses a mobility scooter that only weighs 64 lbs. and folds up like a suitcase. Another member of our group is blind. The other two of us can walk but not long distances, especially in extremely hot weather. The Banana Coast Tours owners met us at the port which was extremely nice of them. They had a very nice air-conditioned van with a very nice and safe driver (Ricardo) and our English speaking guide (Andre). They gave the 4 of us the tour of a lifetime. We visited places in the city of Trujillo, took in the rain forest, went to the village of Santa Fe and experienced the culture of the area. We were treated to a private dance depicting how the people of the area over-threw the pirates who invaded their land. Really not enough room to tell you how awesome the tour was, and how sensitive the guide and driver were to the needs of us seniors and our disabilities. They made extra bathroom stops when needed – no issue. They handled the scooter all the time for my wife. I did not have to lift a finger dealing with anything. The cost was around $50.00 dollars US per person for the van. It was almost a five hour tour. I am sold on private tour/guides now. We were able to do and see what everybody else wanted to do, but we did not have to hassle with people who always in a hurry and walk over you when you are disabled or a slow walker. We of course understand this and that is why we wanted to be out of their way. We hope to go back soon and visit with all the folks there in Trujillo. They made us feel like family!!
    Bremerton, Washington
    Visited March 2015

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